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I live to eat. Yes, I am an Asian Jew. My favorite meal is breakfast (oatmeal in particular). I'm only in high school, so I am a complete amateur. Some of my favorite cuisines are Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Japanese and Korean. I eat so much Chinese food that it's hard to say whether I like it or not... all I know is that I don't like what most of America seems to think of as Chinese food, Panda Express. I'm a pescetarian and love coming up with my own healthy fusion food.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese hot pot AT HOME

This meal was TOTALLY worthy of its own post-- it's from a while ago (January 11th, to be exact), and I wrote it down in my journal:January 089January 090 January 091 

We had homemade hot pot tonight-- into the savory mushroom broth went the stringy, spaghetti-like fungi, winter melon, daikon, Napa cabbage, frozen tofu (which acquires a spongy, porous consistency), pea shoots, mung bean sprouts, glass noodles, and of course, lamb for the parents. January 096January 093

We dipped it all in a sauce of sesame paste, red fermented tofu (dou fu ru), seafood paste, wild  leek paste, soy sauce, chili oil, and cilantro. Sound gourmet? It was. If it hadn't been for the rich, spicy sauce, the meal would have been almost monastic in character.January 098January 102 January 104

Hot pot is the best possible kind of food to eat in cold weather-- it really warms you up from the inside, and waiting for everything to cook makes you eat more slowly. However, you never know when you're full! You just kind of keep eating and using the raw ingredients, and when you finally run out, you just drink the soup, which by then has soaked up the flavors of what you've dipped in it.

Wintry dinners

After hiatus 014

Stir-fries of sugar snaps, bean sprouts, frozen tofu (has the consistency of scrambled eggs), mushrooms, and daikon + winter squash

After hiatus 022 After hiatus 023 After hiatus 025

Roasted broccoli, harissa shrimp, dal

After hiatus 054 After hiatus 056

Steamed egg custard, stir-fried Chinese greens and mushrooms (possibly the best ji dan geng my dad has ever made-- silky mouth feel, and when you scoop out chunks of egg it leaves a savory broth of soy sauce and sesame oil)

After hiatus 073

After hiatus 076 After hiatus 078

Dinner party: the guest didn't know English and ate the roast chicken in a rice bowl with chopsticks.

For me, it was a lot of fiber and no protein, but the soup was great-- a broth of dried shrimp, watercress, garlic, ginger, scallions, carrots, and seaweed.

After hiatus 129 After hiatus 133 After hiatus 134After hiatus 136

More harissa shrimp, broccoli and shiitake mushrooms, butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup

 After hiatus 143 After hiatus 146

 After hiatus 147

THIS WAS AMAZING. The epitome of health food (although I ate so much I'm not sure if it would still be considered healthy)-- a one pot meal of spinach, winter melon, soft tofu, carrot, glass noodles in my dad's usual broth.After hiatus 183 After hiatus 180

After hiatus 176 

Whipped this up for my parents at the last minute: stew with chickpeas, eggplant, and bell peppers with couscous and a salad with feta, pomegranate seeds, and pomegranate molasses dressing.

After hiatus 196After hiatus 197 After hiatus 200

Mapo tofu, stir-fried greens (Aaack, what are these things called? They're not bok choy....)

Breakfast recaps

  While it's been nice not feeling obligated to blog every day (or think about food ALL the time), I must confess that I've missed it a bit. I've still been photographing my meals, don't worry (Although I've stopped photographing negligible items, i.e. a clementine), and because we're having our annual Chinese New Year's party tonight (DEFINITELY worth blogging), I decided to catch up a little bit so that I'm not totally in over my head when I blog the party, which is an International Dumpling Party (more on that later).

Oatmeal has been divine-- maybe it's the freezing cold weather?After hiatus 009After hiatus 007After hiatus 006 Carrot cake oats (topping=yogurt, maple syrup, cinnamon)

 After hiatus 017After hiatus 016

Almonds, almond butter, coconut 

After hiatus 029 After hiatus 035 After hiatus 036

Trail mixAfter hiatus 043

After hiatus 051

Pumpkin pie oats-- see the smoke rising from the lake?

After hiatus 123 After hiatus 124

Carrot cake again-- this time with walnuts and coconut

After hiatus 137 After hiatus 138 After hiatus 139 After hiatus 140

Leftover cardamom pistachio cake with fruit, Greek yogurt, and a mocha :) decadence at its best

After hiatus 063

Pumpkin with pomegranate molasses, pomegranate, walnuts and Greek yogurt

After hiatus 151 After hiatus 148 After hiatus 150

Peanut butter puffins, caramelized apple chutney, cinnamon raisin peanut butter

After hiatus 175 After hiatus 167 After hiatus 168 After hiatus 171

Pomegranate combo with almond butter

After hiatus 194 After hiatus 189 After hiatus 191

Butternut Squash and graham cracker

After hiatus 204 After hiatus 202 After hiatus 207

Butternut squash and trail mix

I love macro photos... seems like lately I've been more into the photography than writing part of blogging.

Anyways, I haven't been able to do that much exercise: today I went for my first outdoor run since New York... hopefully I'm not that out of shape and it was just the weather-- 2 DEGREES, PEOPLE! I went on a shortish run, but did sprint intervals on the way back. My lungs felt like they were crystallizing from the inside!